Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Automatic license plate recognition using Computer Vision and Jetson

Deploy license plate and vehicle recognition with MobbyPark' ALPR suite of solutions

Export Presets

Strengthen safety and security efforts for neighborhoods, corporate & educational campuses, and homeowners alike with advanced, real-time vehicle intelligence.

Grid and Guides

Guide the users to the exact parking lot using MobbyPark.

Pixel Precision

Leverage advanced vehicle recognition in your parking operations to seamlessly automate access control & locate offenders.

Vector Scaling

Our license plate & vehicle recognition is easily integrated into existing systems,functionality is available to any parking operation

Cloud Service

Message your customers, they'll love you for it. Monitor and chat with the visitors on your website using Mobbypark ALPR

Iterate at Speed

Conduct advanced searches based on full or partial plate numbers and vehicle attribute with speed upto 120mph.

Flexible design process
in one place.


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