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Unique Product

MobbyPark offers several in car solutions. Paying for parking using your app is no longer something futuristic but is available right now.

Professional Features

Experience hassle-free parking with your colleagues, team, family or friends! It’s simple for large companies to add multiple vehicles and save time through our premium parking experience!

Usability & Flexibility

Cities with high phone penetration. This not only saves you the cost of collecting cash but also offers you the opportunity to reduce your machine fleet and optimise the placement of remaining ones.

High Quality Services

Over 30% of the traffic in a city is caused by searching for a parking spot. With MobbyPark, there’s no more circulating traffic and additional pollution

CO2 Emissions

Because your visitors no longer need to search endlessly for a parking spot, CO2 emissions are reduced!

24/7 Support

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A Useful Solutions for Your Parking

It is very easy to find and pay for parking with the MobbyPark app. New innovative features, such as the reservations function, will be introduced continuously.

  • Real time.
  • 100% secure, dependable and proven.
  • Saves time