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Parking Management

Parking in an urban or municipal environment has become increasing difficult, if not impossible, problem for many commuters. These problems include parking facilities filling up early in the morning, locating parking facilities, the lot being full, and locating parking facilities near a commuter's final destination. It is often the case that commuters must waste value time in trying to find a parking space near their destination. This problem has been addressed in a parking management system wherein a user of the system would make a reservation for a parking system prior to entering the parking facility and be responsible for locating a vacate parking space and report the space to the controller of the system. This system has several drawbacks. First, by requiring the user to locate a vacate space in the parking facility, the user loses valuable time in one's day by having to circle the parking facility in order to find a parking spot.


Use of IoT

Internet of thing (IoT) has the ability to transfer data through network without involving human interactions. IoT allows user to use affordable wireless technology and also helps the user to transfer the data into the cloud. IoT helps the user to maintain transparency. The idea of IoT started with the identity of things for connecting various devices. These devices can be controlled or monitored through computers over internet. IoT contains two prominent words “Internet” and “Things”, where Internet is a vast network for connecting servers with devices. Internet enables the information to be sent, receive or even communicate with the devices. The parking problem causes air pollution and traffic congestion. In today’s scenario, parking space is hard to search in a day to day life for the people. According to the recent survey, there will be a rapid increase in the vehicle’s population of over 1.6 billion around 2035 [7]. Around one million barrels of world’s oil is being burnt everyday. Thus, smart parking system is the key solution to reduce the waste stage of the fuel. The solution for the problems that is being raised. The smart parking can be a solution to minimise user’s time and efficiency as well as the overall cost of the fuel burnt in search of the parking space. In this, the data is collected from the sensor and through analysing and processing, the output is obtained.

Use of Machine Learning

When system detects an incoming car, a front view snapshot of the car will be taken. This image is sent to the main program to be processed by the image processing system. For ease of use, the system has been created with Tensorflow as a function named processplate.m. The Main Program will call for the function to process the webcam image. After processing the image, the output which is the plate number will then be available in string format. The string will be used for identification of individual cars and will be easily usable for the GUI of the Main Program

Handover & Support

Smart parking system based on reservation allows the reservation of a vacant space which involves smart parking system based on reservation (SPSR).This consists of host parking database management which collects and stores data about the driver’s identity and parking location. When the parking reservation time is about to expire a notification will be sent to the user through the web service that has been provided to the user by the admin. The main drawback is that some other user can occupy a reserved parking space to avoid this QR scanners are used to identify the user. It helps us to propose a way in which the user can reserve his parking space by mentioning the destination and the vehicle type with the help of mobile applications .The booking details will be stored in the cloud which finds the shortest path from the user to the parking space , the location of the user is updated regularly in the cloud with the help of GPS . When the user reaches the car parking the Rfid is scanned and the user is allowed into the parking space.The billing is done by the cloud server. The main disadvantage is that the car parking space must be registered in the smart parking system for the user to use it.

  • NVIDIA Jetson
  • Cloud Server
  • GSM Module
  • HD Niight Vision Camera